New Artist for Morton Guitars - Tommy Bentz Band

The Tommy Bentz Band is a HOT Blues, Rock, Ballads band from Wisconsin currently touring the UK. Tommy (on the right) is a fabulous guitar player and his trio is a really cool tight band.  

After playing a prototype Morton Custom at Glasgow's Howlin' Wolf bar during the 2015 UK tour, Tommy and Ken Morton have been talking about building a special Morton Custom Dominator to Tommy's specification.

"I really want a humbucker in the neck position and I chose a Seymour Duncan Antiquity" enthuses Tommy.  This has a well rounded  tone which is paired with a hot Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder in the bridge position.

"Tommy asked for a White Body (Alder) with Tortoiseshell pickguard and Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard.  The guitar feature a "Flipped" Control panel for easy Volume Swells (aka 'Violining') and a Texas Customs chrome bridge for tone and playing comfort.

Tommy Bentz Band in Glasgow

Catch Tommy Bentz in Glasgow at Sweeney's Bar on Friday 9th Sept, The Howling Wolf on Saturday 10th Sept or Avant Garde Glasgow on Sunday

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